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What is Clorofila H20®?

Clorofila H2O® is water with benefits! Clorofila H2O® is purified natural spring water infused with chlorophyll and mint.

What is different about your product?

Clorofila H2O® gives you a fresh, cool and oxygenated energy sensation when you drink it, and you get all the natural health benefits of pure chlorophyll and real mint.

Why chlorophyll and mint?

Because chlorophyll and mint are extremely beneficial to the human body.

Why should I drink it, what are the benefits?

Clorofila H2O® contains chlorophyll that has the power to regenerate our bodies at the molecular and cellular level. It is known to help cleanse the body, fight infection, help heal wounds, and promote the health of the circulatory, digestive, immune, and detoxification systems. Natural mint is refreshing, gives you a cooling sensation, soothes your stomach, calms, hydrates, freshens your breath and tastes great!

Who should drink Clorofila H2O®?

Everyone! People who want to improve their health with an easy, convenient, fresh and effective way to get the extra health benefits from chlorophyll. Clorofila H2O® is excellent to add to your daily lifestyle routine, especially if you drink coffee and/or carbonated sodas and eat high protein diets as it helps balance out your body’s ph acidic levels. Also great if you are watching your weight, desire daily de-toxing of the belly, blood and body and simply want better energy naturally.

Does it contain any artificial colorings and/or flavors?

Absolutely none. The natural green color comes from the chlorophyll plant. The delicious mint flavor is completely pure because we use real mint grown pesticide-free.

What’s in it?

Chlorophyllins (sodium copper chlorophyllin), which is derived from a natural plant source for its health benefits. We also use the essential oil from mint; that's why you get the natural fresh flavor, and then finally, we perfectly blend the ingredients into purified spring water just for you.

Where does your water come from?

Bottled waters either come from a spring or from a public source (i.e. tap water). We made a choice to use FDA approved spring water because it has a has extra beneficial minerals to aid in your health.

Does it have sugar?

No sugar and no sweeteners of any kind.

Does it have caffeine?

Nope. Zero.


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